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Used Bass Amp Cab

 Vintage kustom K200 B bass amp, 3x15 speaker cab black tuck & roll works great


Ampeg Micro-CL Stack 100-Watt Solid State Bass Amp Head 2x10" 8 Ohm Cab - Used


Peavey 412-MS 4-12" Speaker Cab Bass/Guitar Amp Enclosure Cabinet Good Condition


ampeg bass Amp And Cab


gallien krueger bass amp GK G-K 700RB II Plus 410RBH And Carvin V210T Bass Cabs


1967 Ampeg B-15 Bass Amp Head w/ B-15C 2x15 Speaker Cab & Road Case #32239


Ampeg BT-15 115 bass combo amp with rare 115 extension cab


AMPEG SVT 2 NON-PRO Bass Amplifier - Excellent SVT II Non Pro and AMPEG 4X12 CAB


Peavey CENTURY Bass amp head 300 Watt Series 200 with bass cab




Peavey Model 215D BW bass Cab and Peavey MK-IV 400 Series amp Combo with pedal


Vintage 1963 JMI Vox Domino Bass Amp Piggy-Back Head Cab SERVICED


Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine bass amp and 4x10 Hartke bass cab